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Bath Bombs (Vegan)

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Bath bombs:
Add some fizz to your relaxation game! Our vegan bath bombs are designed with your skin in mind - no hardening agents, phthalates, preservatives, chemical dyes. Just simple, intentional ingredients to soften your skin and please your senses. Each scent blend is made with 100% pure essential oils, and each bath bomb contains avocado oil, epsom salt, and bentonite clay to give you the most out of your self-care time. 
Each bath bomb is hand-pressed and made locally in the Okanagan.
Please store in a place safe from humidity and recycle the tissue paper once used.
HIDDEN GEM BATH BOMB: Feeling called to have some quiet time? Rosemary, lemon and lavender essential oils crafted together with love and a hidden crystal from Shawanda rocks & crystals. What your stone will be is up to the universe!

Other Available scents:
Citrus Zip: Zingy and bright. Orange + Cedarwood + Ginger
Euca Wake Up: Refreshing and uplifting, great for decongesting. Eucalyptus + peppermint
Sweetheart: A soft, subtle-sweet floral mix with dried flowers. Clary Sage + Bergamot + Ylang Ylang *Do not use Sweetheart while pregnant
Lavender Lift: Calming and relaxing. Lavender + Chai Baba's Lady Lavender Earl Grey Tea