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Crimson Rose Multi-Use Oil



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These multi-use oils are made with all-natural, light and nourishing oils to hydrate your skin and hair. Use as an all-over moisturizer after your shower, run it through the ends of your hair or put a few droppers in your bath.

Each dropper bottle is thoughtfully scented with all-natural essential oils. Topped with dried flowers to look beautiful on your bathroom counter or wherever it lands.

Makes a wonderful gift for someone you love or get excited to make it a part of your daily ritual.

Crimson Rose has a strong rose scent balanced nicely with citrusy notes and grounded out with a few drops of cedarwood. 


Ingredients: sunflower oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, meadowfoam oil, vit E, rose absolute, palmarosa, bergamot, lemon and cedarwood essential oils 
4oz clear dropper bottle


 All Magpie Essentials products are 100% natural with no harmful fragrances, synthetic preservatives or additives.

Store away from sunlight. Use within 6 months of purchase for optimal freshness and benefits!