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Crispy Bickies (4 Flavours)



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Made in Sorrento, these great biscuits are the perfect addition to a charcuterie board! Pair them with cheeses and preserves for a delectable treat. 

banaBickies - 160 gram bags
Our signature flavour, made with 100% organic bananas,just like Mom’s good old fashioned banana bread in a crispy biscuit…

Great with cheeses, nut butters, or just on their own with a cup of tea or coffee.

chocoziniBickies - 160 gram bags

Rich chocolaty biscuits, not too sweet, baked with fresh organic zucchini, dark rich Belgian chocolate with a hint of pure peppermint and cinnamon… a treat without guilt! We serve this special biscuit with a Cabernet red wine, or after dinner port accompanied by a beautiful cheese platter with nuts and fruit.

cranaBickies - 160 gram bags

Our lowest fat, calorie and sugar.. bite size Bickie bursting with the flavours of fresh organic oranges, rich creamery butter, lots of chewy dried organic cranberries and sweetened with a touch of pure golden honey.

parmeBickies - 160 gram bags

Crispy parmesan bites baked with 100% parmesan cheese, organic onions, garlic, thyme and black pepper. Use them as an entertainment cracker with all your favorite dips. Great with that special glass of wine…. there truly is no other biscuit like it!