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Flower Face



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>>• Flower Face •<<

A sweet smelling toner made to refine your pores and make you feel fresh as a flower. Floral waters and witch hazel have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties that work to balance oil, fight bacteria, reduce redness and puffiness. Aloe hydrates, soothes and protects.


<<• Uses •>>

• Mist face after you wash and before you put on moisturizer and make up for a clean, smooth base.
• Use throughout the day for a pick me up and to freshen the look of make up.
• Spritz to keep fresh and clean behind a mask.
• Use to calm inflamed skin, acne or other skin conditions like eczema and rosacea.
• Great to use after a night out.


<<• Key Ingredients •>>

• Rose Hydrosol •
Rose has been used for beauty rituals for thousands of years and is still an important ingredient in skin care today. Rose water makes for a great toner by tightening capillaries and balancing oil. It’s anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties help fight free radicals and calm problem skin like acne and rosacea.

• Neroli Hydrosol •
This sweet, citrusy scent is derived from the bitter orange flower and has so many amazing benefits for the skin. It stimulates cells to regenerate which works great on minimizing scars, lines and age spots.

• Witch Hazel •
Derived from leaves and stems of a tree like plant in North America. With its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties witch hazel is especially helpful for balancing oil and killing bacteria.

• Aloe Vera •
Contains powerful antioxidants and antibacterials that accelerate wound healing. The salicylic acid found in aloe helps in unclogging pores.


<<• Full Ingredient List •>>

Rose hydrosol, neroli hydrosol, witch hazel, aloe vera, hibiscus petals