Gypsy Dreams

Hand Cut Antique Hand Saw - Tree



Upcycled Rusty Saw with Wooden Handle - Tree

This handsaw is a great, unique gift! A great gift for the nature lovers in your life!

You'll love the rustic look and earthy tones of the old vintage metal in the blade. Each handle is wood and cleaned and oiled (when needed) giving the saw a great vintage vibe.
The average handsaw is 23-28 inches long and about 6 inches tall. They can be hung with two nails - one on the handle end, and the other for the hole I put at the end of the saw blade.

Each saw is unique but equally stunning!

Antique Saws may vary in color and size.

The actual saw will be different and the design might vary slightly, The photo is a representation of the final product. Each metal art piece is cut by hand. This allows him to make each one a little different.