Meadow Vista Artisan Farm

Lavender Flax Eye Pillows



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Soothe away stress, headaches & eye strain naturally with Meadow Vista Artisan Farm’s lavender flaxseed Eye Pillow. Made with our farm lavender, the natural fragrance is rich without the use of synthetics. Fabrics will vary.


Cold Therapy: Store in the original bag in your refrigerator. When needed, apply to eyes, temples and/or back of neck for instant relief where cold is indicated.

Heat Therapy: Place in microwave (out of original bag) on high for 20 seconds at a time until desired temperature is reached. Be careful not to over heat or burn yourself.

Wrist Support: At your keyboard! Lay the pillow parallel with the keyboard for those long days of typing.

Infant Comfort: Lay the pillow beside the baby’s bed for a night of peaceful dreams. Excellent for when baby is travelling for a sensory support of calm and comfort.