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Produce Bags 3 PK



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Reusable Produce Bags - 3pack ($18)
Ditch the one-use plastic produce/bulk food bags and bring your own!  
We are SO excited to create these reusable bags that will not only reduce the number of plastic bags in the world, but will also reduce leftover fabric scraps from our children's clothing line!  It feels so good to contribute to the zero-waste movement each time you go shopping.

3 PACK of reusable produce bags.  Drawstrings will be 3 different colours (a variety of patterned and solid) CHOSEN AT RANDOM by us. Please note that the drawstrings are unused fabric scraps from our clothing line and there is no guarantee of availability of specific colours.  Each drawstring is one continuous strip of fabric and is very durable.

Made with 100% polyester, these bags are super durable, stain-resistant and breathable.  Being extremely lightweight, they will add no weight to the scale.  Since they are see-through mesh, the cashier is able to read produce stickers through the bag with no need to remove anything at the till.  Once you get home, you can store your items right in the bag, or roll it up and pop it back in your shopping bags for next time.

Each bag measures approximately 8.5" x 12.5"
Some ideas for use:
- produce
- bulk food
- snacks for on the go
- kids toys
- lunch bag
- keep an empty one in your purse to use as a garbage bag when you're in a pinch

Thank you for choosing our bags to help make a difference!