The Handmade Shoppe

The Whole Family Gift Basket/Box



This basket will contain something for everyone - perhaps handmade toys for the kids, a catnip treat for the cat, a bottle of wine so Mom and Dad can celebrate and some snacks for everyone to enjoy! Each of these baskets will be carefully curated by our staff and the products will be based off of the information that you supply to us. Baskets will often include fantastic products that aren't available on the website yet. 

There is a $10 wrapping charge that is included in the price for the gift baskets.

Wine/Cider: If you choose this option, it is included in the cost of the basket. So if you choose a $100 basket and a wine is added (for the example say it is a $25 wine), the basket will then include the wine, and $65 worth of product that matches the theme. 

Including Specific Items: If there is a specific item on the website that you want included in the gift basket, you are welcome to purchase the item at the same time as the basket and if you leave us a note with the order we will include it in the basket! For example, if you purchase a Coaster Set and the $75 basket (and leave a note to include it), you would receive a basket with the coaster and an additional $75 worth of products that match your chosen theme. 

Box/Basket style and colours may vary depending on availability/season.