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Sassy Smudge - Smudge Blends

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I know you feel like you just need to burn it all to the ground, but let's not burn your house down, kay? 

Sprinkle some of the smudge mixture into an abalone shell or bowl that won't burn or melt. I recommend using a BBQ lighter to light the herbs. 

We aren't looking for flame here, just smoke. If you see flame, gently blow it out. You just want the herbs to smolder. 

Open a window. Begin at your front door, moving clockwise around your home, paying special attention to corners/closets/creepy places that may house stagnant energy. 

Do not leave burning herbs unattended. 

Best used according to Moon cycles, as part of your self care routine, or when a boy has made you sad.

Shoulda Swiped Left - White Sage, Jasmine Buds, Rose Quartz

Balanced AF -  White Sage, Jasmine Buds, Lavender Buds, Honey Calcite

Full Moon Fuckery - White Sage, Rose Petals, Jasmine Buds, Rose Quartz

Fuck Love - White Sage, Rose Petals, Rose Quartz