The Spice Pit

Spicy Caesar Rimmer


  • Our Spicy Caesar Rimmer is the perfect addition to spice up your Caesar!  The deliciously bold flavors will tantalize your taste buds & enhance your Caesar drinking experience with hints of Lime & Habanero.  It truly is the Best Spicy Caesar Rimmer ever!


    And is fantastic for spicing up pasta, chicken & veggies!

    Spicy Caesar Recipe: 1 serving

    For mocktails, simply leave out the liquor.


    1 Tablespoon Spice Pit Spicy Caesar Rimmer

    1 dash Worchestire Sauce, or to taste

    1 dash of Hot Sauce, or to taste

    8 oz of Clamato Juice

    - celery stick

    1 lime wedge

    1-2 0z of preferred Vodka

    Ice cubes as needed

    Rimmer Directions:

    Wet the rim of a cocktail glass with lime & set it aside for garnish.  Place tbsp of  Spice Pit Spicy Caesar Rimmer in a dish, twist & press the rim of your glass until coated.  Add ice. 

    Cocktail Directions: 

    Fill a cocktail glass with ice.  Pour Vodka, Worchestire Sauce & Hot Sauce over ice; top with Clamato Juice.  Give it a stir, then top with a lime wedge & celery stick.  Sprinkle with Spice Pit Spicy Caesar Rimmer to taste, if needed.  Enjoy!